Tired of wasting your time dating online?

Discover how to make online dating work for YOU!

This course offers proven techniques that you can easily apply to start getting the high-quality matches you want and beginning to set up dates.

In this course, the following questions will be answered:

  • Which dating app or site would be best for me to use?
  • Why does no one message me back?
  • What vocab do I need to know for online dating (think: curving/breadcrumbing, etc.)?
  • How can I create the right first impression?
  • Why am I getting no matches?
  • Why do I have to put all the work in?
  • How can I screen profiles, so I'm not always wasting my time?
  • What can I do to make sure I'm connecting with women who also want a long-term relationship?
  • If you’re tired of the mind games, drama, ghosting/breadcrumbing/curving, and disappointment that makes up online dating today, join me on this journey to learn how to make online dating work for you!

    Course curriculum

    • 1


      • About Me

      • How to Use This Course

      • Disclaimer

    • 2

      Dating Apps Today

      • Which Dating App/Site(s) Should You Use?

      • What We Know About the Experience of Men vs. Women on Dating Apps

      • What We Know About Dating App Algorithms and How to Use That to Your Advantage

    • 3

      Your Profile

      • Why Spending Time to Create a Great Profile Matters

      • What to Write in Your Bio + Examples

      • What Pictures to Include, Tips for Getting the Right Ones, & Examples

    • 4

      Selecting Matches

      • Swiping/Selecting Best Practices

      • 5 Ways to Avoid Pitfalls and Find Success in Online Dating

      • Online Dating Vocab You Should Know

    • 5


      • What Kind of First Message You Should Send + 50 Examples

      • Tips and Tricks for Continuing the Conversation After She Answers Your First Message

      • 5 Conversation Mistakes You Should Avoid

    • 6

      Moving from Messaging to a Date

      • How to Ask

      • Tips for Date Places & Ideas

      • What to Do Between Now and the Date

    • 7

      The Date

      • Figuring out Your Non-Negotiables

      • Green and Red Flags to Look for on the Date

      • 10 Signs You Should Go on a Second Date

      • Final Word


    Patrick W.

    Online dating is weirdly stressful, at least for guys. I thought it’d be easy, but it just wasn't. I'm so glad I followed Tara's advice, so I don't have to worry about doing that again!

    Wes Z.

    Tara Blair Ball couldn't be more right that success demands you be yourself, in profile and photos, listen carefully as you get acquainted and make certain you get acquainted first. Sex is the frosting that holds the layers of loving relationships together and adorns the outside but frosting with out love, tenderness and togetherness, gets boring quickly. Well-written solid and actionable advice always.

    Christopher T.

    Learning how dating app algorithms work infuriated me. How could a machine tell me who I should and should not be attracted to? But even though the system sucks, Tara's right that you've got to work within it. I also learned several other things I needed to know, like what pictures to choose. I had some TERRIBLE ones (shirtless selfies), and I didn't even realize they were a bad choice. I haven't found love yet, but I've had some way better dates than I ever had before, and I've got hope today!

    Will O.

    Yes, love can happen online and Ms. Ball helped me get it! My significant other and I've been together for a little over 9 months now and things just continue to get better.

    Glen C.

    Sometimes people give dating online a bad rap, but Tara proves ANYONE can find love that way. My amazing wife of a year was a Tinder match, and my brother is getting married to his Tinder match next year.


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    Certified Relationship Coach

    Tara Blair Ball

    Tara Blair Ball is a certified Relationship Coach and author of Grateful in Love, A Couples Goals Journal, and Reclaim & Recover: Heal from Toxic Relationships. She's also a cohost with Dr. Kerry McAvoy for the podcast, Breaking Free with Kerry and Tara. She specializes in empowering clients to go from toxic to happy. She holds a master's degree from the University of Memphis as well as coaching certifications from Transformation Academy and is fully accredited through Complementary Therapists Accredited Association (CTAA). You can connect with her on Instagram and Tiktok at @tara.relationshipcoach. Learn more at https://beacons.ai/tara.relationshipcoach.