Are there really any good guys out there? Can I meet them on a dating app or site?

YES! Let me help you find your next special someone.

I met my husband on a dating app, but it wasn’t without its share of difficulties.

Let me know if any of these sound familiar:

  • I had MULTIPLE terrible dates.
  • I was stalked (across multiple social media platforms and even at my job!).
  • I was catfished (and kittenfished).
  • I did too much of the emotional labor to try to keep one-sided relationships going.
  • I got sent my share of pee stick pics.
  • I wasted my time on a few breadcrumbers.
  • I was ghosted (and then subsequently haunted over a year later).
  • I misunderstood the dating lingo (I thought a “unicorn” was someone special, not that I was advertising to be a couple’s third party…).

  • Online dating is drastically different for women than it is for men, which is why YOU need a specific course to help you screen out all the BS and BSers to find real love!

    If you’re tired of matching with emotionally immature men and dealing with mind games, drama, ghosting/breadcrumbing/curving, and all the disappointment that can make up online dating today, sign up for this course today!

    Course curriculum

    • 1


      • About Me

      • How to Use This Course

      • Disclaimer

    • 2

      Dating Apps Today

      • Which Dating App/Site(s) Should You Use?

      • What We Know About Dating App Algorithms and How to Use That to Your Advantage

      • What We Know About the Experience of Men vs. Women on Dating Apps

    • 3

      Your Profile

      • Why Spending Time to Create a Great Profile Matters Less for Women

      • What to Write in Your Bio + Examples

      • What Pictures to Include to Send the Right Message & Examples

    • 4

      Selecting Matches

      • Swiping/Selecting Best Practices

      • 5 Ways to Avoid Pitfalls and Find Success in Online Dating

      • Online Dating Vocab You Should Know

    • 5


      • How to Message to Find What You Want

      • 8 Guys to Avoid in Online Dating

    • 6

      Moving from Messaging to a Date

      • How to Get a Guy to Ask You Out

      • Tips for Date Places & Ideas

      • What to Do Between Now and the Date

    • 7

      The Date

      • Figuring out Your Non-Negotiables

      • Green and Red Flags to Look for on the Date

      • 10 Signs You Should Go on a Second Date

      • Final Word


    Jessica S.

    I'd been struggling with online dating for over six months when I finally found and took Tara Blair Ball's advice.

    I was looking for an old-fashioned guy who believed in chivalry, and that is exactly the type of guy I ended up finding.

    Tara's advice really works!!!

    Wendy C.

    Being in my 50s and widowed, online dating has seriously been awful. While men would SAY they were into finding their "partner", in reality, they were more interested in (younger) women they could tell what to do.

    I had several bad dates, a couple of worst relationships.

    Ball's advice has really helped me. I've done so much better screening out the losers. My time is too precious today. I haven't found a special someone yet, but I'm more hopeful today than I was before.

    Christina C.

    Since it's the 21st century and I’m a feminist, I'd been messaging all of the guys I matched with on dating apps. But most of the time, they wouldn't even respond to me.

    It wasn't until this course and learning how men approach dating apps differently than women that I realized WHY I wasn't getting responses.

    By following her advice, it helped me spend less energy and not get as frustrated, and I did eventually meet my boyfriend.


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